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New Brunswick Research Materials

Constitution Act of 1867

Premier's Office


New Brunswick Acts & Regulations

Consolidated Statutes NB

Pending Bills



New Brunswick Legislature Assembly

Legislative Assembly Information

New Brunswick Cannabis Information

Cannabis in New Brunswick


Provincial Court

Courts - Judicial Branch

Court of Appeal (the High Court)

Court of the Queen's Bench

Court Rules

Probate Court

Court Decisions & Opinions

Law Libraries in New Brunswick

Regulations & Other Agency Material

New Brunswick Regulations

Official Provincial Portal

Premier's Office

Agency Information

Agency Directory

~ The list of many agency and other useful or related links.

Agriculture Department

Attorney General

Blind & Low Vision Services

Building Codes

College of Physicians & Surgeons

Department of Justice

Food Premise Licenses

Livestock & Poultry Premises

Nurses Association of NB

Parks & Lands

Prescription Drug Monitoring

Public Safety (Police)

Real Estate Association

Revenue & Taxation

UNB Law Library

NB Business Related

Corporate Registry

~ Business registration information.

New Brunswick Business Name Search

~ This is a handy search for a business registered with the Province of New Brunswick.

NB Personal Property Registry (UCC equivalent)

Oaths Commission Notary Public

~ Information oath requirements in New Brunswick training (similar to that of a notary public in the USA).

Provincial Libraries

Workers Compensation

Veterans' Affairs

Canadian Legal Research

Canadian Legal Research Databases

Georgetown Law Canadian Legal Research

Key Free Online Legal Sources

No-Cost Canadian Research Tools

Research USA States' Laws

American Law Sources Online

Findlaw Cases & Codes

~ Findlaw's Cases & Codes section has links and resources to both federal and state laws. These resources pertain to cases, constitutions, statutes, and more.

LII State Law Links — By State

~ The Legal Information Institute at Cornell University offers links to state statutes sorted by subject.

LII State Statutes (By Topic)

Public Library of Law (PLOL)

~ The PLOL offers access to federal & state cases, regulations, and statutes. It is a free public service although requires registration. It makes simple a way to find the laws on the Internet.

State & Local Government Sites

State & Local Government Information

~ A service of the Library of Congress.

Municode Library

~ A service of the Municipal Code Corporation, you can find the codes for many cities and towns.

State Legislatures, State Laws, & State Regulations

~ Find links & telephone numbers. It is a service of the Law Librarians' Society of Washington, DC.

State Courts

State Court Websites

~ A service of the National Center for State Courts. It even offers links to courts in US territories.

Google Scholar

~ Look for the "case law" option to located case, regulations, and statutes. A Google account is required for access.

Public Library of Law (PLOL) — Fastcase

~ The PLOL offers access to federal & state cases, regulations, and statutes. It is a free public service although requires registration. It makes simple a way to find the laws on the Internet.

State Legal Forms

Findlaw's Legal Forms

Additional Collections of State Legal Resources

State Constitutions, Statutes & Legislative Information

Uniform or Model Codes, Potentially Applicable to States

~ The following links are to Cornell University information pages.

Uniform Commercial Code— Articles 1 - 9

Uniform Laws Enacted in Individual States

Uniform Commercial Code

Uniform Probate Code

Uniform Code of Evidence

Uniform Laws in the Areas of Matrimony, Family & Health

Uniform Laws Dealing with Business and Finance

Rules of Conduct Governing Lawyers

State Statutes by Topic

Other State Resource Links

National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)

State and Local Government on the Net

Constitutions, Statutes, & Codes — Links to full text of state statutes, constitutions & other resources.

National Association of Counties — Links to County-Specific Information

Government Job Net

USPS Cities within a Zip Code

State Public Libraries

Statistics by State — University of Missouri

Some Federal Research Sources

Federal Constitution, Statutes & Codes

U.S. Constitution

Full U.S. Code

Congressional Bills, Hearings, Reports, & Other Materials

Bills & Legislative Information — Includes the Congressional Record

U.S. Senate Homepage

US House of Representatives

Cannabis Laws

Federal Cannabis Laws

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